Feeling Stuck? Overwhelmed?

I often point out to my clients that one of the major reasons we become overwhelmed is simply that we are envisioning tackling the whole project at once. That can induce a state of ‘Stuck’. It can feel insurmountable and virtually impossible. When we want to bring about change, the most effective way is not by changing our entire lives. If that is our approach the impact is more likely to be abandonment, discouragement and feelings of failure, as old patterns reemerge or the status quo is resumed.

By contrast, if our focus becomes taking on only one, manageable, specific habit or task daily, until it becomes part of our normal routine, we will find the result to be a doable step towards the outcome we seek. When we have conquered this task, it will empower us to move on to the next. One task at a time, until we reach our desired goal.