How to Build a New Habit

Research tells us that 40% of our daily behaviours are habit.

Starting something new can be challenging. Creating momentum to keep on doing it can be a deal breaker. Here are some easy strategies to keep you moving forward!

• Start with a small habit. Make it easy so you actually do it.
(instead of 50 sit ups, do 5)
• Increase your habit little by little. This will increase your willpower and your motivation so you can stick to it. (add 1 more sit up after a week of doing 5)
• As you increase your habit, break your new habit into manageable chunks. (2 of sets 10 pushups, instead of 20 all at once)
• If you fall off the wagon, don’t fret, jump back on as fast as you can. (miss a day or 2? Start right back at it again tomorrow)
• Be patient and stick to a realistic schedule that you are able to sustain. (Don’t jump to 20 pushups on day two. Establish the routine of 5 for a week or two before you increase your numbers)

Patience and consistency are key to your success. Start slow and build up over time. It will pay off.