Meet Wendy

Why Choose Wendy Fortune?

It’s not all about where you got your training or what your credentials are, it’s also about who the coach is when they are with their clients.

Wendy brings not only her experience and knowledge to the coaching process but her easily perceptible, genuine caring about what really matters to her clients.

She is targeted but supportive, focused but transparent. She will challenge, question and uphold commitment and accountability, while maintaining a strength based focus.

Wendy offers her clients a range of services and expertise to meet their individual needs. It is within this trusting, supportive and non-judgmental environment that her clients are empowered to bring about the change they most desire.

Who is Wendy Fortune?

Wendy earned a BA from Brock University in Psychology, completed a Master’s Degree in Administrative Science and Business from the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, became a Certified Professional Coach through Adler International Learning and the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Wendy further specialized in Trauma Informed Coaching with Moving the Human Spirit and the ICF.

She is a registered Consultant in the Birkman Personality Assessment ( ) and formerly a Certification Examiner with Adler International Learning.

With a background in Vocational Guidance, Executive Search, Counselling, HR Consulting and Coaching, Wendy has the ability to offer a broad range of services to her clients.

Wendy’s renowned reputation and success in working specifically with both trauma clients and youth makes her a frequent choice of survivors, therapists, psychologists and parents.

In 2013 Wendy’s work with PACT, an organization dedicated to empowering marginalized youth, was honoured through the International Coaching Federation’s prestigious Prism Award.

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