Career & Leadership Coaching

Identification and an in depth examination of your strengths, needs, interests, organizational focus, leadership and preferred work styles are key to determining what you were meant to do and how you do it.

Once we have developed your unique ‘Profile’ we will then review your background, experience, skill set and other contributing assets you bring to the professional equation.

Questions that arise include:

Whatever the specific focus, all clients develop an appreciation of this simple but effective process that takes into account what comes naturally for them and where their true inclinations lie.

Fitting a square peg into a round hole simply will not work, particularly over time. What will work is aligning who you are and what you do best to specific fields of study, industries and job categories. Targeting specific positions, resume redesign or creation and interview preparation may be highlighted depending your individual needs and aspirations.

When you love what you do and focus on your core values and strengths, the sky is the limit!

Here’s how your coaching process will work:
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