Youth Coaching

Wendy has developed a specialty and reputation for working with young people (ages 14-25).  It began in 2010 with her pro bono work for PACT, an organization dedicated to empowering at-risk youth and/or those in conflict with the law.

With unprecedented success she began coaching young people from all backgrounds, demographics and life experiences in the areas of academic, career and personal life challenges.

This unique type of coaching allows the client a safe, nonjudgmental and supportive environment in which to explore areas of their lives they are reluctant to address with parents, teachers, or even peers. As an independent, objective professional she genuinely listens to the fears, worries and concerns of a generation faced with an entirely new set of problems than their parents.

While emphasizing their strengths, Wendy helps youth to define, sort out and confront life-altering issues, which allows them to figure out who they want to be and what will serve them best.

In 2013 Wendy’s work with PACT was honoured by the International Coaching Federation with the prestigious Prism Award.

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