Ready to Get unstuck?

Through self-discovery, increased awareness and identification of alternative choices, I’ll help empower you to find your own solutions and pathways toward clearly identified goals.


Wendy brings not only her experience and knowledge to the coaching process but her easily perceptible, genuine caring about what really matters to her clients. She is targeted but supportive, focused but transparent. She will challenge, question and uphold commitment and accountability, while maintaining a strength based focus.

“There is only one moment in time when it is essential to awaken. That moment is now.” – The Buddha

Coaching Services
Career & Leadership Coaching
Specifically identifying and focusing on your unique strengths, needs, gifts and aspirations will lead to an aligned and deeply rewarding career. Real success is within your reach!
Life Coaching
Life is meant to be lived according to what we value most – by uncovering what really matters to YOU, life will become what it should be – exciting, happy and fun! Live for today!
Trauma Specialty

A deeply distressing or disturbing experience at some time in our lives that has left us feeling vulnerable, isolated or ashamed. Give yourself permission to move forward!

Youth Specialty

Figure out who you really want to be. Discover what’s working and what’s not – get the world on your side rather than on your back. It’s doable – go for it!

About Your Coaching Process

Each coaching program is custom designed to help you address and overcome whatever challenges you may be facing. Together, we’ll create a prioritized plan of action that makes obstacles surmountable and provides a clear sense of direction.